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Banzai Racing FD3s 13B-REW Oil Pan Brace (93+ RX-7)

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Banzai Racing FD3s 13B-REW Oil Pan Brace (93+ RX-7)

We've designed our Banzai Racing Oil Pan Brace for installation on all model FD 13B-REW motors. Its main purpose is to reduce oil pan leaks caused by engine flex.

The braces are fabricated from laser cut & CNC punched 3/16" (4.76mm) steel. They are then Bright Zinc plated to prevent corrosion.

We provide all new hardware for installation. The kit includes Oil Pan Studs & Nuts to eliminate the factory bolts and allow for higher torque, and longer motor mount bolts necessary for installation.

We recommend installation on all vehicles, from stock to highly modified.

Kit Components
Oil Pan Brace
Oil Pan Studs (x17)
Hex Flange Lock Nuts (x17)
Motor Mount Bolts (x6)
Lock Washers (x6)

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