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Banzai Racing RX-7 FD Aluminum Pulley Kit (93+)

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Banzai Racing RX-7 FD Aluminum Pulley Kit (93+)

These FD aluminum pulleys are designed with a unique blend of performance and reliability. They are made from the highest quality 6061 aluminum billet. Aluminum pulley conversions are proven to produce maximum power gains with the performance benefits of weight reduction, which you wouldn’t receive from factory parts.

OEM pulleys weigh 3lb 7.5oz, these aluminum pulleys weigh 1lb. 15oz.

Includes: Underdrive Eccentric, stock diameter Alt., W/P & P/S pulleys, no belts included (This kit does not eliminate the smog pump, must add idler pulley kit w/ belt G, below)

*Alt Pulley is designed for OEM alternator, may not fit aftermarket replacements, use supplied .3mm shim under pulley if binding occurs

Available in Polished Aluminum, Black, Gold, Red, Blue and Purple

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