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Note: Each Bride seat is sold and priced individually.

A neoclassic low back seat featuring the seat of the EUROSTER Series, with its ultimate comfort and performance, equipped with a newly designed FRP shell backrest

The EUROSTER II SPORTE is a low back reclining seat which uses protein leather as its seat material.

The seat is based on the EUROSTER II, praised for its comfort, while the back rest uses a newly designed shell made of FRP with a focus on holdability.

Due to its lack of a head rest it does not meet Japan's current safety standards, but it is a new style of seat which can be used in ships like pleasure boats and classic cars, etc.

Protein leather is a high quality synthetic leather created by powderizing silk and eggshell membrane protein using advanced technology and proprietary decoding techniques. Its superior moisture absorption and desorption reduces unpleasant stuffiness to create a comfortable driving environment. If features a texture like a high quality real leather sofa and a feels smooth on the skin. Due to it requiring less maintenance than true leather and having much better durability and water resistance it is perfect as a seat material. Protein leather is the perfect seat material for marine use, etc. thanks to its excellent durability and water resistance.

NOTE: High Intake Performance is an official Bride authorized dealer. All Bride products we sell are manufactured and imported from Japan. Do not purchase imitation seats. Your safety should be first priority!

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