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Note: Each Bride seat is sold and priced individually.

Bride HISTRIX seats are high quality low back model armed with super aramid for classic sports A masterpiece of low-back seat, which has been resurrected by strong demand from users. The Shape is designed to match classic open cars and classic sports cars. Punching work on the back of the seat, high-grade leather (synthetic leather) with excellent durability and super aramid shell with the best breaking strength are adopted. Classical and tasty finish with regards to safety and comfort.

Design and sticking materials that harmonize with classic cars

The surface of the seat has a leather texture, high-grade synthetic leather and also excellent durability is adopted. Super aramid which is strong against breaking strength is used for shell. Besides safety, it also brings out a "racing" presence. In addition, the punching work on the back of the seat adopted for breathability is a masterpiece handcrafted by a skilled craftsman of BRIDE.

NOTE: High Intake Performance is an official Bride authorized dealer. All Bride products we sell are manufactured and imported from Japan. Do not purchase imitation seats. Your safety should be first priority!

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