Bride STRADIA II type-XL

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Bride STRADIA II type-XL A wide model of STRADIAII that achieves both holdability and ease of ingress/egress. A sports reclining seat that high holdability and takes into account ease of ingress/egress. Compared to the standard model STRADIA II, the seat width is about 45 mm wider, and the position of the shoulder support is also about 20 mm higher, so even large drivers can be firmly supported. In addition, although it is a wide model, because the shoulder width expansion is suppressed to about 10 mm from the standard model, it can be installed on many car models. Like the STRADIA II, the shell employs a full monocoque structure and the frame is made of steel, so even if it is a big size reclining seat, it has high rigidity. * Seat rail is XR-type. (exclusively for STRADIAII type-XL)

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