Corbeau FX1 Pro Racing Seat (PER seat)

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Corbeau FX1 Pro Racing Seat

Product Description:

The FX1 Pro racing seat features composite fiberglass technology. The FX1 Pro racing seat comes in three different sizes, the FX1 Pro, FX1, and FX1 Wide.

The FX1 Pro combines comfort, performance, and safety at an absolutely unbeatable price. Designed with an emphasis on comfort, this seat is one of the most comfortable race seats you will ever sit in. One of the unique things about the FX1 Pro is it can be bottom or side mounted. Most shell seats are side mount only, which means you have to side mount the seat and bolt it directly to the floor, eliminating the ability to slide forward and back. With the FX1 Pro you can still bottom mount the seat to Corbeau brackets and sliders, which obviously makes the seat much more practical, especially in a daily driver. High wear patches are strategically placed to protect your seat from abuse in the high wear areas. The FX1 Pro comes with three removable insert cushions, one in the back, one in the base, and one under the thighs.

The FX1 Pro racing seat is available in cloth material with leatherette high wear patches or black microsuede with leather high wear patches.

As a rule of thumb, the FX1 Pro racing seat will fit up to a 36 inch waist, the FX1 (cloth only) will fit up to a 38 inch waist and the FX1 Wide (black cloth only) will fit up to a 42 inch waist. PRICE PER SEAT. EXCLUDES BRACKETS.


  • Product Type: Fixed Back Seat
  • Pricing: Per Seat
  • Fitment (FX1 Pro): Fits up to 36" Waist
  • Fitment (FX1): Fits up to 38" Waist
  • Fitment (FX1 Wide): Fits up to 42" Waist
  • Base Height: 3" - 3 1/2"
  • Weight: 17.5 - 20 lbs
  • Lumbar Support: Not Compatible
  • Seat Heater: Not Compatible
  • Shaved Base: Not Compatible

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