DEFI Racer 52mm / 60mm Pressure Gauge

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DEFI Racer 52mm or 60mm Pressure Gauge offered in PSI or kPa.

Defi Racer Gauges are exclusive gauges for USA, which are derived from quick-responsive and high-accurate Defi analog gauges.


* Compact Design – 52mm or 60mm

Range 0 ~ 140PSI or 0 ~ 1,000kPa

* Advanced Stepping Motor Technology – full sweep 270 degree movement with smooth, accurate and precise movement.

* Electrical Type – all meters and sensors are electrical type, meaning sensor is remote mounted. Self diagnostic function to ensure sensors and meters are functioning properly.

* Blue, Amber or White Illumination – LED illumination for a crisp and vibrant display.

* Red Arrow – easily visible during the day or night.

* Semi- Black Face – face/ dial is invisible until the meters are turned on.

* Adjustable Outer Position Bezel – allows the user to set a warning point manually.

* Outer Pod and mounting stand – ABS Plastic pod and metal mounting pedestal are included.

* Opening/ Closing Ceremony – Unique opening and closing ceremony when gauges are turned on and off.

* Stand Alone Unit - Does Not Require use of DEFI Controller Unit II.

1 year Warranty


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