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JDL Auto Design FT86 / FR-S / BRZ Catted Equal Length Header

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Product Description

FR-S/BR-Z Stainless Steel Catted Equal Length NA Header 

Whoa! Wait! Why doesn't it sound like a Subaru? Well that's because you wanted every ounce of top end you could get out of your beloved 86s flat four cylinder engine configuration and that's what this equal length runner header manifold provides! Some people want that infamous boxer rumble, others want perfection in exhaust pulses. JDL Auto Design once again comes to the rescue if this option is more in line with your vehicle build. Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too? We have designed this manifold to meet the equal length runner criteria all while maintaining an emissions friendly system. This EL manifold contains a high flow metallic substrate catalytic converter and still can mount directly into your OEM or Aftermarket Over-Pipe.

  • Made from 16 Gauge U.S. Stainless Steel Right here in Arizona by Americans
  • Hand Fabricated Low Angle Merge Collector
  • CNC'd Head Flanges for OEM Fitment
  • 2-Bolt Machined Flanges That Receive Surface Treatment for Enhanced Sealing
  • High Flow 200 Cell Count Metallic Substrate Catalytic Converter
  • O2 Sensor Provision for Both OEM O2 Sensors
  • Modular with OEM Over-Pipe
  • TIG Welded and Back Purged for Superior Strength and Cleanliness in Welds
  • JDL Auto Designs Unique Polishing Technique is Standard For that Perfect Stainless Burn-in Appearance
    • Optional Ceramic Coating available

    Black Ceramic Coating rated @ 2300*F

    Titanium Ceramic Coating rated @1800*F

    Bronze Ceramic Coating rated @ 1800*F

    Silver Ceramic Coating rated @ 1800*F

    Chrome Ceramic Coating. This is a "near" chrome finish ceramic coating that can dull over time but can also be polished back to a reflective finish. This Ceramic Coating is rated @ 1800*F

    ***Lifetime Warranty to Original Owner***

    ***Lifetime Warranty Does NOT Apply to Catalytic Converters***

    ***Due to the nature of performance enhanced vehicles and the inevitable extreme environments they may be exposed to, the catalytic converters are not designed to withstand continual exposure to such extremes and therefore are warranted not more than 90 days from initial purchase. This limitation includes vehicles used in sanctioned closed course participation, Dynometer testing and tuning, and ALL forced induction applications. The 90 day warranty on the catalytic converter applies ONLY to the original purchaser with proof of purchase and confirmation the product has not been altered in ANY way. If there are any questions please contact us and we will be happy to assist you in purchasing the product that best fits your personal needs***

    Special Order Notes All manifolds, hot part kits, custom intercooler kits, exhaust components, and full turbo kits etc are built upon order unless otherwise stated. JDL built to order manufactured parts are non-refundable. Please allow 4-6 weeks for completion of said parts.  If you opt for coating the wait time will be 4-5 business days after header completion. Build times are also subject to change without notice depending on current workload  

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