Motordyne MREV 2 Manifold TM 350Z/G35

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Motordyne 350Z/G35 MREV 2 Manifold TM

MREV 2 Manifold TM – The most powerful naturally aspirated bolt on you can put on your revup engine. When used with or without a spacer or aftermarket upper plenum, this lower plenum will make substantial power gains.   Multiple independent test show when used with a 5/16″ spacer on the revup engine, the combination will add a “minimum” of 15+ HP and 18+ TQ in the upper midrange. Many independent MREV 2 Manifold REVUP tests have dynod in excess of 20HP and 30 TQ in the upper midrange and with high RPM peak power increased by 3-5 HP. The MREV2 is a prerequisite to the plenum spacer when used on a revup engine. No other normally aspirated VQ modification provides as much gain as the MREV 2 Manifold!

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