Motul Nismo Competition Oil 2108E 0W30

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Motul Nismo Competition Oil 2108E 0W30


[Original development concept]

  • This ester-based oil was developed using MOTUL's double-ester technology to combine complex-ester and low friction coefficient mono-ester in order to improve engine power output.

[Allowable torque of approx. 43kgf·m (approx. 410ps)]

  • This is a high-performance engine oil designed for naturally-aspirated, race-competition engines such as the VQ35DE and VQ35HR. It combines a base oil with polymers to minimize friction loss for the maximum performance of such engines.
  • Tested repeatedly in endurance races such as the Nurburgring and the Tokachi 24-hour races, this oil has proved itself in the kind of fierce competition that demands not just output performance but long-range reliability as well.
  • This oil delivers increased engine output through reduced use of the detergent-dispersants that have been shown to cause friction loss in high-load conditions. There is a marked improvement in oil film retention along with better engine response.
  • In view of the high compression ratios involved, greater oxidation stability was nurtured. Anti-foaming in high-rotation, high oil temperature environments as well as de-foaming at 150°C were realized.

Basic propety information


  • SAE viscosity: 0W30
  • 100-percent synthetic Double-Ester technology
  • API Equivalent: API SL

General information

2108E (0W30) is the recommended oil for the "NISMO ENGINE TUNING MENU" for the following models:

  • For sports resetting: Fairlady Z (Z33) (VQ35DE/VQ35HR), March12SR (K12), Elgrand (E51) (VG35DE).
  • For S2 (S-tune concept ENGINE <SPEC2>): Fairlady Z (Z33) (VQ35DE).

Cautions regarding product

  • This oil was developed for high-intensity competition driving. Please note the following two points before using this oil:
  • 1. The product is not covered by any Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. warrantee.
  • 2. When this oil is used, it should be changed every 3,000 kilometers.
  • When purchased as an imported product, we cannot accept claims for small dents or scratches to the Plastic container.

Cautions regarding product

  • Tests conducted by Nissan Motor Company have confirmed that this oil surpasses the former Veruspeed L.S.D. Oil in quality. Take this value as a suggestion for handling oil changes during normal, street driving use. For competition driving, the standard oil change is once every 3,000 kilometers.

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