Motul Nismo Competition Oil 2212E - 15W50

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Motul Nismo Competition Oil 2212E - 15W50

Original development concept

  • To better protect your engine, this ester-based oil was developed by adding polymer ester to a base oil of complex esters in order to compensate for the poor viscosity at start up typical of complex ester oils.

Allowable torque of approx. 70 kgf·m (approx. 600ps)

  • This high-performance engine oil was developed for turbocharged engines such as the RB26DETT & SR20DET based on actual tuned car and drift racing performance.
  • 2212E (15W50) has such tremendously stable anti-shearing viscosity that it ensures good oil film retention even with high torque at low speeds, while keeping friction loss to an absolute minimum. It was made to handle extreme increases in torque such as with NOS injection.
  • To deliver the greatest possible reliability without sacrificing output performance, a special multifunction polymer which augments both anti-shear stability as well detergent dispersion was used. This not only protects oil film but also provides excellent anti-oil-coking performance for improved lubrication of turbine bearings.

Basic propety information


  • SAE viscosity: 15W50
  • 100-percent synthetic Double-Ester technology
  • API Equivalent: API SL

About specified oil

2212E (15W50) is the recommended oil for the "NISMO ENGINE TUNING MENU" for the following models:

  • Sports resetting: Skyline GT-R (BNR34, BCNR33, BNR32), Stagea260RS (WGNC34).
  • S1 (S-tune concept ENGINE <SPEC1>) for Skyline GT-R(BNR34, BCNR33, BNR32).
  • R1(R-tune concept ENGINE <SPEC2>) for Skyline GT-R(BNR34, BCNR33, BNR32).

Cautions regarding product

  • This oil was developed for high-intensity competition driving. Please note the following two points before using this oil:
  • 1. The product is not covered by any Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. warrantee.
  • 2. When this oil is used, it should be changed every 3,000 kilometers.
  • When purchased as an imported product, we cannot accept claims for small dents or scratches to the Plastic container.

Cautions regarding product

  • Tests conducted by Nissan Motor Company have confirmed that this oil surpasses the former Veruspeed L.S.D. Oil in quality. Take this value as a suggestion for handling oil changes during normal, street driving use. For competition driving, the standard oil change is once every 3,000 kilometers.

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