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SPC Front Camber kit for Nissan 370z / Infiniti G35 sedan / Infiniti G37

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SPC Front camber kit for Nissan 370z / Infiniti G35 sedan V36 / Infiniti G37

These front upper control arms will give you ±1.0° caster change and up to ±2.5° camber change. Simply replace the OE front upper control arms and dial in your suspension angles with our patented sliding ball joint and caster plate. Whether you want to tune your suspension for the ultimate in handling performance, minimize tire wear or easily move back and forth between the two settings, these are the arms to get the job done.

Front Adjustment range: Camber: ±2.5° Caster: ±1.0°
Installation time: .6 hr/side
Required: 1 kit per axle

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