Volk Racing TE37SL Black Edition II

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The TE37SL brings to you the newly updated model of with a special color offering. The rim flange introduces a new technology called "REDOT" which includes an exclusive machining an painting feature with the VOLK RACING logo. The luminous spoke and rim sticker is also included. (Offered in USA only)


  • Method:Forged 1pc. Wheel
  • RAYS original test:JWL+R Spec 2
  • Color:Pressed Black/Rim REDOT (PR)
  • Included:Air Valve, Luminous Spoke Sticker (2pcs)
    ※Luminous color sticker is susceptible to degradation by ultraviolet light and may fade or discolor of exposure to road condition. 
    ※Center Caps cannot be fitted with this model.

**Please contact us to check stock before ordering. The wheels will be discontinued (price per wheel)**

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