Laguna Seca experience at R's Day 2017

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Laguna Seca experience at R's Day 2017

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Our first time at R's Day was a blast.  For those who don't know what R's day is, it's a track day for Nissan Skyline GT-R's at one of the famous tracks we've seen in video games especially. Mazda Speedway Laguna Seca in Salinas, California.

We were counting down for this day, to happen and finally headed out and visit our West Coast friends. Flying to San Francisco airport on December 8th to meet up and waited for the transport to arrive.  We were in our friend Victor's R34 GT-R Vspec Midnight Purple 2 cruising towards the hotel near Laguna Seca which was a few hour drive. Meeting up with other skyline owners for dinner and slept early to get ready for the big day.

That next day we took a UBER early in the morning and wow this track looks awesome! Headed to the garage to help set up and help our friends to prep the cars with the final checks.

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Here's a pretty awesome shot with Victor and Charles going at it down the corkscrew

I was finally in a ride along with Charles Bayside Blue Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R Vspec. Perfect example of a track build skyline. Handling of his R34 is absolutely amazing.  Charles has no fear in taking those corners at the corkscrew.

Here's us on the way back after the run.

After the ride along we ended up walking to the corkscrew area to snap some photos.

Got a shot of a really close call on the track going to the straightaway.

It was a really long day to say the least but got a few more shots with the skylines in the group. 

As the event comes to the end, there was a closing ceremony held at the track.  This was an experience that our team will never forget. We hope to see this event continue to grow and meet more amazing people in this community.


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